Best Guide to Camping For Beginners

Camping For Beginners

camping for beginners

This Article we’re calling camping 101(camping for beginners) this is gonna be for you campers that have never been camping before but you want to get out to the outdoors  and see what it’s like.

we’re gonna show you what to take, how to set up your campsite, and  we’re gonna show you how to build this campfire right here, and how to cook a camp dinner over  it.

when you first arrive at the campsite you want to set your tent up. so what you need to set your tent up you need a ground cloth and  that’s just a tarp and that protects the bottom of the tent from moisture from grass and  sticks that made poke holes in the bottom of the tent.

camping checklist

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Camping for Beginners Kit

You need your tent and you need a rubber mallet (or) even just a hammer to drive in your tent stakes.

Okay once your tent is set up you want to set up your bedding. Now I recommend one of these blowup mattresses  that you can get in the big-box stores or some type of comfortable mattress pad.

rubber mallet

And the reason is you want to be comfortable if this is your first time ever camping you want to be as comfortable as possible don’t forget your batteries.

Okay once you blow up your mattress which takes about 2 to 3 minutes or you place in a mattress pad of some type.

Sleeping Bag :

Ok recommendations on sleeping bags for those that never been camping. Purchase a sleeping bag that is rated for 20 degrees
colder than what you expect to camp in for instance tonight it’s going to be 35 degrees
here in North Alabama. so I’m using a sleeping bag that is rated for 15 degrees.

camping sleeping bag

Next bring you a pillow you don’t have to purchase the camp pillow you can’t bring a pillow
from home. Next I suggest you wear some type of beanie or something to cover your head
up while you’re sleeping they’ll help keep you warm .

Fresh Pair of Socks :

fresh pair of socks

Finally I recommend a fresh pair of socks the reason I like to put on a fresh pair of socks when I go to bed it helps to keep you warm and if you wear the socks that have been in your boots all day.

Those are going to be damp it’s going to contribute to you being cold so you need
to swap out your socks before you go to bed.


So what you’re going to use is some instant light charcoal you’re gonna mound it up. so this campfire ring is something  i personally own. 

So what you’re going to use is some instant light charcoal you’re gonna mound it up. so this campfire ring is something  i personally own.

But most of your state campgrounds and federal campgrounds will have a campfire ring similar to this. what I like to do is build a log cabin fire around this.

Add Some logs:

camping tips for beginners | tart putting on some smaller logs

Okay once you get the big logs on start putting on some smaller logs and we’re gonna place a couple of smaller logs down below so that the fire can really get on those.

Okay just need to let that build up and there’s your campfire.

Okay it’s been about five minutes and as you can see we have a pretty good camp fire going.

Okay the campfire is looking good our charcoal is burning down. so what I like to do around this point is to go ahead and add a small piece of wood right up in the middle. So that’s really going to get to burning and you’ll have a very nice campfire at that point.Okay so one thing to note about campfires is they will burn down and fall.


So you need something to kind of help you move the wood around.I recommend a shovel. just go buy you a cheap shovel and that will help you  move that wood around it doesn’t have to be a fancy shovel just something cheap from a box store is fine.

Leather Gloves

And you need a pair of leather gloves when you’re working around the campfire just so you don’t burn your hands.

And there’s a pair of leather gloves that I like to use okay for cooking over a fire for.

camping essentials-shovel
camping essentials-Leather Gloves​

Time to eat :

Simple food is Best :

Someone who hasn’t cooked over a fire, I’m gonna recommend cooking some hot dogs (or) some brats (or) some beef sausage.

Now get the ones that are already fully cooked. if you’ll notice and you’ll look on them you’ll see that’s fully cooked.

hot dogs

Okay the reason I recommend these is because you don’t have to worry about getting  sick. you’re just browning them over the fire and they’ll be ready to eat once they  really get hot and browned over the fire.

I recommend some chips and some hot dog buns and you’ve got a meal. Don’t forget the ketchup mustard and also bring you something  whatever you like to drink. I brought some water for this camping trip.

Paper Plates :

Don’t forget paper plates some type of utensils and also bring a roll of paper towels.


Okay one last recommendation for cooking over a fire you need a camp fork. You can get these
in the camping stores and your big-box stores in the camping area. It’s just called  a “camp fork”. And they’re usually about three feet long.


Okay what I usually like to do is I put my camp fork in there for a minute just to make sure it’s cleaned off. Okay all we got to do here with this camp for it’s just put your sausage on there
and then these obviously these this count for it’s pretty hot.

Okay I want to show you this these sausages are done only cook them for about five minutes .

camping essentials | camping meal

now we’re gonna get out the hot dog buns and the chips. we’re gonna have ourselves some dinner.
okay and there’s your camp meal enjoy it.

Now we’re going to make some breakfast. Of course coffees first. okay let’s see what we have here.

Okay our waters starting to bowl so I like to make cowboy coffee. I add one  well-rounded teaspoon to every cup of water I have in here just straight to the water .

Okay what I recommend you do is you take your water off the eye before you put your  coffee. And you don’t want it you don’t want to have a full rolling boil going on while  you’re adding your coffee.

So I’ve got five cups of coffee in here. I’m adding five well-rounded teaspoons of coffee just straight to the water. so that’s what it’s going  to look like and then basically you’re gonna put that back on your eye. Now you don’t want that eye on full blast.

So once the coffee starts doing this I want you to turn that eye down. because at this point this coffee is ready to go turn that eye down to really low or even off and just set this over to the side we’re gonna put that coffee on the edge of that eye to keep it warm.

Camping for Beginners Kit : cast iron skillet

Now all I’m doing here is I always carry a cast-iron skillet with me.

All I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna warm up bagels and  we’re gonna have a goes and cream cheese.

Camping for Beginners Kit -Camp stove

Now if you don’t own a camp stove try to  borrow one (or) simply go find your restaurant most of these parts are close to a town and just go find your restaurant for breakfast if you don’t want to cook breakfast  in the woods.

Okay our bagels are smelling good if we’re starting to brown turn them  over at this point. I’m just going to turn everything off because this iron skillets hot and that’s going to brown them and warm them up.

I’m just going to turn everything off coffee’s really hot the skillets hot and we’re going to be ready for breakfast here in a second.

Okay at this point we’re just going to load up these bagels with some cream cheese and we’re gonna call it breakfast. Alright there you go that’s a good camp breakfast right there got some bagels and cream cheese hot coffee.

So we hope you gained some useful knowledge on how easy it is to go camping for your first time. And share this  Camping For Beginners article to your friends.

Final :

So remember we talked about shelter, we talked about bedding, we talked about building  that campfire, we talked about cooking over that campfire, we talked about marshmallows, and lastly we talked about cooking breakfast. so we hope you have a great first camp out.

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