How to turn off avast & Whitelist avast Antivirus | 7 easy steps

avast turnoff
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Today I’m going to show you “how to temporarily turn off avast” Free Antivirus.

Disable/Turn Off Avast Antivirus

Step 1:

The first thing you do is you come down here to this little arrow that is pointing up you click on it.

How to Turn Off Avast Free Anti Virus Temporarily

Step 2:

Then right here you will see the icon for avast Free Antivirus right click and you will see some options.

How to Turn Off Avast Free Anti Virus Temporarily

Step 3:

You’re going to go to “Avast shields control” and on on the left you will see a number of options disabled for 10-minutes, disabled for an hour, disabled completely, until the computer’s recent restarted, disabled permanently.

Step 4:

Let’s just say we want to disable for one hour. Because we’d like to download that software that we know doesn’t have any viruses in it. But that Avast keeps saying has a virus in it.

I know because the software that I’m going to be trying to whitelist is software. I made myself so I know for sure it doesn’t have any viruses. So say we can say we click disable for one hour.

Avast shield off

Step 5:

Then you click > “yes“. Now we go to > Avast Antivirus it’ll give you this big scary message all your shields are off which means your life is going to get easier.

Step 6:

Now next you come up here to “menu” settings > and exceptions are going to add an exception. So that it will whitelist the software so hopefully you will stop deleting the software.

Step 7:

So you click on “browse” now you click on where your folder is that you would like to whitelist. I want it to whitelist “google spinner folder“.

I click “OK” you’ll see the path right here now it is white listed.

Step 8:

Now you may have to “restart your computer” and so forth but to have it take effect.

Enable Avast all shields :

Step 1:

You can also come back down here right-click “Avast” and “enable all shields“. Okay it’ll tell you your computer needs a restarting.

Okay so that is basically how you “temporarily turn off your avast” free antivirus and “how you whitelist a folder Avast” is and other antivirus software are notorious for false positives for calling software saying the software have viruses and when they really don’t.

So it can get frustrating for trying to use a prefer perfectly legitimate software and it keeps the leading it. now with me it please software that I make sometimes.

So you know since I made it I know there’s nothing wrong with it but that keeps the leading it can get kind of frustrating.

So you may have to temporarily “turn off and type Avast Antivirus” then whitelist the software by having an exception and sometimes it takes a little while. For Avast to get used to it but eventually it does work and you can go on your way using the software you want it.

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