HTML vs HTML5 | Difference between HTML and HTML5

Difference between HTML and HTML5

Today’s session we will see how HTML has advanced with the newer versions (HTML vs HTML5)and we will also have a look at all the new features that have been introduced in html5 that makes it better than the first version of HTML.


Also we will see how it is better and simpler than all the previous versions of HTML. So let’s begin the session. Now the idea behind HTML was a modest one. When Tim berners-lee was putting together his first elementary browsing and authoring system for the web. He created a quick little hypertext language that would serve his purposes.

He imagined dozens or even hundreds of hypertext formats in the future and smart clients that could easily negotiate and translate documents from servers across the net. Now HTML stands for “hypertext markup language” and it is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications.

It is also used to describe the structure of web pages using markup. Now the html5 is basically the fifth version of HTML and is a core technology markup language of Internet that is used for structuring and presenting the content for worldwide web.

Now the html5 standard was finalized and released in 2014 and it is exactly what HTML should have been when the first version was launched all those years ago. So now let’s have a look at all the new elements that were added in HTML 5 and all the factors that make it better than HTML.

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html audio and video tag

Audio & Video

So the first one is the introduction of audio and video in HTML 5. There was no such concept of media in case of HTML. But it has become one of the integral part for the later one.

Vector Graphics

Now vector graphics was used in HTML with the help of various technologies such as the vml, flash, Silverlight etc. But it is an important part of html5 as we use the canvas and SVG.


The third factor is the storage now in case of HTML we can use the browser cache as the temporary storage whereas in case of html5 application cache web SQL database and web storage is used.

So now in case of the first version of HTML all the old web browsers such as the Internet Explorer runs smoothly and for html5 the new browsers have started supporting its specifications.

HTML vs HTML5 | html support browsers


Some of the browser’s include Mozilla Firefox ,Chrome, Opera etc. While html5 does have risks like constant updates it is generally easy to keep up with the changes and updates because of the simpler syntax as compared to other versions of HTML.

For instance you have a very simple declaration at the start of the page to set it as an html5 page that is the doctype declaration that we use. So we can say that html5 is easy to use when compared to the other versions of HTML. So these were all the new factors that were added in the latest version of HTML.

Now let’s have a look at some of the new elements and tags that have been added in html5. Now html5 comes with a number of new elements and eliminates several others. But one of its key added elements is the canvas tag.

This has hugely impacted the use of Adobe Flash in websites. All the flash is still in use by several websites html5 has been adopted by many and a lot of people think that it will make Flash obsolete eventually.

Now only time will decide that until then html5 s cascade element has proven itself to be a good alternative to flash. Now the canvas element can be used to draw graphics with various shapes and colors via scripting usually the JavaScript.

The element is simply a container for the graphics and you need to use a script to define the graphics.

HTML vs HTML5 Tags

Menu & Figure Tags

html Menu & Figure Tags

Now the next tags are the menu and the figure tag now HTML files new menu and menu item elements are part of the interactive elements specifications. But are among the least stocked of element by developers.

Now given the fact that the web has changed into more just linked page and documents these elements are a welcome addition for crater web interactivity.

The menu element is not to be confused with the nav element which is defined as an HTML navigation tag that represents the page navigation block.

Now it typically contains links for users to chomp through sections within the page or to another page. On the other hand the menu tag represents menu commands for simplicity in desktop and mobile applications.

On the other hand the figure element is another way to arrange images and text. It is used together with the fig caption element for marking up illustrations diagrams and photos.

Audio & Video Tags

Now apart from this there are two major additions to the html5 standard the audio tag and the video tag now these two tags enable developers to embed music and audio on their website.

Unlike the previous standard you are not limited to adding midi music. Although there are still some limitations on the type of files used. Now most WebKit related browsers support regular mp3 files.

But others only support the OGG format. Now the good news is that there are tons of file converters and you can simply supply two versions of the audio file. The right version will be picked up automatically.

Now the audio type also has a number of attributes for additional controls including even the attributes and the events include window events, forum events, media events, and mouse events.

Now the video element also has a number of content attributes that includes the SRC, global attributes, loop control, preload and poster. Now we can clearly see that there are a lot of changes to html5 and you need to use it with care and caution.

You also need to update your knowledge on the language as it changes over time and gets more updates. So you need to stop the use of elements that html5 has removed from itself and use new html5 elements that will definitely stay like the header or the footer tag.

But one good thing about these changes is that even though they are big they are for the better. And this is understood by all the stakeholders involved here.

So browsers will be more powerful as they move towards the cloud with the ability to handle more by themselves. with things such as Ajax and with video and audio embedding and so on it will be so much easier to code in a straightforward method and allow the browser to take on the heavy duty.

For example new structure elements such as the figure, footer, summary and section are all refer to the document structure and the rendering is left to the browser. As we can totally say that html5 makes our life way simpler while building our own web page as compared to the older versions of HTML.


So which one would you choose if you are a beginner in HTML or If you want to create a new web page for yourself. do let us know about your opinion in the comment section below.

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